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Baby & Toddler Favourites!

Hello there :)

Today's post is all about the bath and skincare products that we've been reaching for over and over since Little Man was born. He's turning 2 (!) next weekend and most of his skincare and bath routine has stayed the same since he arrived. He is prone to a touch of eczema from time to time but thankfully he doesn't have overly sensitive or dry skin otherwise.

First up is a product that really has so many uses for all the family and has been a staple in households for generations and it's no surprise really - Sudocrem. Primarily we use it to prevent and treat nappy rash but it is antiseptic healing cream which can be used for sunburn, minor burns, surface wounds, eczema etc. The generic nappy creams out there are no match for Sudocrem. From time to time we also use Bepanthen or Caldescene for nappy rash and these are quite good too but we tend to keep a massive tub of this in the house anyway.

Little Man tends to have a bath most nights - for 2 reasons: a)he is a very messy eater and will often need to be hosed down after dinner and b) we use the bathtime routine as a way of getting him to "wind down" before bed. I use the term "wind down" loosely though as anyone who has ever put a toddler to bed will know.. As a result we go through tons of bubble bath - and the one which has always been on our bathroom shelf is the Tesco Loves Baby Soothing Bedtime Bath. It has a soothing fragrance and is said to make bedtime relaxing. It is also soap free, PH balanced and paraben free. Price is never the first concern when buying for Little Man's skin as the priority is to make sure that the product is gentle on his skin and doesn't irritate. However it is a bonus that this bubble bath only costs €0.99 for a 500ml bottle. I've even used this myself on the rare occasions I've managed to have a bath!

As I mentioned, Little Man does suffer from a bit of eczema from time to time, especially on his face. He has grown out of it a lot in the past year and apparently it is quite common in babies. It can flare up due to the changing weather or if he has a cold etc it bothers him more. We have thankfully only had to get him a prescription cream once for this as they are not good for long term use. Instead I keep it at bay with La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, twice a day on his face when washed. It is fragrance free and absorbs easily into the skin. I've heard that it is very effective for other skin irritations too.

For coughs and colds in babies and toddlers, there is not a lot that they can be given unfortunately. However these 2 items from Snuffle Babe have been my go-to products when the snotty noses appear - which is quite often at this age and when they are surrounded by other little ones in creche on a daily basis! The saline drops are to help clear the nose out you can spray this once or twice into each nostril. A pharmacist advised me once that Vicks vapour rub is not suitable for little ones so we've never used that on him and have been using the Snuffle Babe rub instead - rubbed into his chest before bed it works in the same way as Vicks to make breathing through the nose easier.

So that's all the products we use most on Little Man that have worked for us. A lot of the time it is really a case of trial and error and seeing what works and doesn't irritate their skin especially as newborns. What works for one may not work for another but that can be said of all things baby-related I guess!

Have you any staple items that you use for your little one? I'm always on the look out for new products or tips so do let us know in the comments!

Bye for now,
C xx

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