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Weekday morning routine

Hi there, hope you're all well. Today's post is all about the struggle to get Baba and I out the door on a weekday morning. And yes, it is called a routine in the title but I use the word loosely as this can change every day depending on which side of the cot the little man wakes up on i.e. the right side or the wrong side! Before Baba, I was one of those people who hated being late for anything and always tried to be in work at least 15 mins before I needed to be logged in and ready to start the day. Nowadays it seems no matter what time we get up at, I always seem to be flying by the seat of my pants and logging on at my desk just in time..And now with the kids starting back at school we need to be out the door 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Sigh..

On a good day, Baba will sleep til around 7 so I try to get up around 6.15 to 6.30 to get a head start..All the famous youtubers will lead you to believe that everyone wakes up to the sound of birds singing in lovely posh pjs and lazes in bed for a few minutes checking their facebook, twitter and instagram feeds. Not the case in our house! Every second counts when you have to get yourself and a little person out the door on time.

I tend to have my shower and wash my hair at night- letting my hair dry while I do the last few bits of cleaning up or work on my next blog post.
I also pick out next day's clothes for work before I go to bed - partly choosing something to wear but also partly checking said outfit for baby powder, sudocrem, toothpaste, milk, baby snot and any other foreign matter he might have managed to leave on my clothes. I generally make my lunch for the office before going to bed as well. (Come to think of it, I could shave another 15 mins off my day if I ate lunch the night

When I wake up first thing is to make Baba's bottle so it's ready when he wakes up. We have a Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine to make the bottles with so there is no boiling the kettle then letting it cool and testing the temperature of the bottle. This is a lifesaver when he's having a Snickers moment- think of the hungry diva in the tv advert and that's my boy!

Then I will wash my face using Vichy Normablend 3 in 1 cleanser or M&S Pure hot cloth cleanser - I tend to alternate between the two each day. Then I brush my teeth, apply Nivea Q10 Pearls Serum, Decleor Eye Cream and my Lancome Hydrazen moisturiser. Then I will do something with my hair either throw it up in a bun or ponytail or else straighten it or curl it and leave it down. It really depends on the time involved or what's happening next door! Realistically most days its a spritz of Batiste Heavenly Volume dry shampoo, a quick up do and that's it.

If he is just starting to stir and still just mooching around the cot with his teddy I will go ahead and do my make up as well. If not, then I will go in and turn on his light or open the blinds, change him after the night and retrieve his beloved teddy(aka "Nelly" the elephant) which he has no doubt thrown on the floor by now to get my attention. He will usually sit in the cot to have his bottle and have a "read" of one of his books if I leave it in beside him.

While LO is having his bottle I will have maybe 10 minutes to do my make up. I did a post recently on my morning makeup routine which if you would like to read can be found here..

Lipstick goes in the bag to apply later when I get to work. Usually either Rimmel Airy Fairy, Rimmel Kate 03 or NYX Summer Love - all quite nude/pale pinky  shades which is usually what I go for. I also use Lipcote over the top to help the lipstick stay on a bit longer.

While LO is still having his bottle I'm runnng around getting dressed, packing my bag, putting on the washing machine, getting my lunch out of the fridge and retrieving his shoes from wherever they were abandoned the night before. I tend to wait til he's changed and fed if I can before getting dressed myself - to avoid any potential accidents during a nappy change-boys will be boys after all... a lesson learned the hard way!

Then it's time to  dress him for the day. When I say dress I mean play a game of tug of war with some clothes and listen to the first mention of "shoe shoes" for the day when he cops his socks. (He is obsessed with shoes and socks these days and could occupy himself with them for hours. He's still trying to learn the word "socks" but for now they are called "shoes" to him)

Then its a quick brush of his teeth and wash of his face (aka wrestling with the toothbrush and faceloth while he tries to bend down and turn off the tap or stick his hand under the running water),
Then cue more wrestling as we put on the jacket and shoes and make towards the buggy. Off we go then to the car then to creche where he will no doubt toddle off happy as larry to see his friends. Then it's off to the shop next door for my usual morning coffee for the car journey. Then it's off to the office armed with my coffee and ready to face the day ahead.

Hope you found this interesting and picked up a couple of tips that might help you save time in the mornings. If you have any other time saving tricks do let me know in the comments below :)
Bye for now,
C xx 

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