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Dealing with a sick toddler!

So today’s post is going to be something a little different and I’m going to share some toddler lessons I’ve learned so far. Our little man is now 16 months old and full of beans as most boys his age are. His current fave things to do are to pull off his “shoe shoes” and socks and put them on and take them off repeatedly, to climb on any surface he can find and generally investigate i.e. destroy anything in his reach.

Since he started crèche back in December, the poor mite has had chicken pox(which coincided with his first birthday of course), tonsillitis, numerous runny noses and now round two of tonsillitis and an ear infection. This is of course inevitable in the environment he is in and at this age they bounce back pretty fast.  So what have I learned from all these illnesses DS has picked up so far that I can share with you?

Watch out for changes in their mood. Yes, I know toddlers are moody and unpredictable at the best of times but trust your gut as well as the thermometer. You and your LO’s carers will know whether they are not themselves and when something might be bothering them other than whether you put their dinner on the wrong plate or cut their sandwich into squares instead of triangles!

Don’t be afraid of looking like an over protective parent by bringing them to the doctors. These LOs can't tell us yet what is wrong and if you think something’s up, get it checked out. 

For after hours GPs, use the Eastdoc/Dubdoc etc services offered by the HSE. This is great if you don’t want to wait til next morning for his/her GP to open but the little one needs to be checked out. Generally these clinics open from 6-10pm or thereabouts. See for details.

Keep Neurofen and Calpol along with teething medicine of your choice in a safe place along with a thermometer (digital is best). Pay attention to dosage instructions on bottles and confirm with your doctor or pharmacist what you should give and when.

Offer plenty of fluids if they are off their food- extra milk feeds if necessary and plenty of water. If they have a sore throat , try yoghurt, ice cream, scrambled egg/omelette, bread etc. Anything that might be cooling or soft for them to swallow. DS is a very fussy eater when he's poorly. Even his favourite foods often get a "no" and a shake of his head when he's sick. Or a full-on meltdown like at the weekend when I had the cheek to serve him baked beans for lunch!

If you are a working parent, most crèches will require you to keep LO at home when contagious and until they start to bounce back. Doctors will advise how long this should be but we all need cuddles at home when we are sick so again, use your gut and decide when you are happy for them to return to whomever looks after them and when it is safe for them to do so. 

With the dreaded Chicken Pox, the old reliable calamine lotion is great for cooling the rash. Also it was recommended to me to put a couple of spoonfuls of bread soda in his bedtime bath to soothe the skin as well. They will be cranky and hot especially at nightime so prepare for a couple of sleepless nights!

Stuffy noses can be helped by rubbing some Snuffle Babe rub onto their chest and you can also buy a special Olbas oil for babies and pop a few drops in their bath. Calpol do a plug in vaporiser called Vapor Plug which can help. (Also this has a handy nightlight). 

Motherhood is a constant learning experience and just when you think you have a routine down or things are running smoothly, your little boss will decide to change things up. And the best you can do is learn with it, change with it and get on with it.  And of course make the most of it because they grow and change so fast that if you blink you will miss it. It is the toughest but most rewarding job in the world. Sometimes I need reminding of that at 3am when I hear blabbering or roaring from next door and he’s sitting up in bed looking to be entertained or has thrown his soother or teddy out of the cot (again!). But then in the morning when he gives me a big grin and a cuddle I can’t help but forgive the little terror. 

Anyways, I hope some of this was useful to you guys. Do let me know if you have any tips to share with the rest of us :)
Bye for now,
C xx

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