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Travalo Perfume Atomiser Review

My name is Claire and I am a perfume-aholic :) I'm well known among my friends and family for always having a bottle (or two or three) on the go and I'm a divil for shopping in the Duty Free for my favourite scents that are running low. I always seem to end up using the same small bottles because the bigger bottles which are actually my favourites are too big for my handbag - and now they're too big for the baba's changing bag!

Every so often I root through the make up section in TK Maxx as you never know what you'll find if you have the patience to look through it all. They often have brands that you can't get in many pharmacies etc here normally. I've spotted Physician's Formula, Elf and also bargains on Essie nail polishes. I've even spotted Real Techniques make up brushes - another beauty bloggers' favourite :)

Anyway, I came across the Travalo atomisers and couldn't resist picking one up.
They come in lots of girlie colours like pink and purple and will hold 5ml perfume at a time. They're so easy to fill not like atomisers of the old days. All you do is take the spray nozzle off your perfume bottle and pump the Travalo on top of the bottle. It fills in seconds and you can refill it as many times as you like.

Here's what my one looks like:

They're ideal for handbags, changing bags, carry on luggage when flying and it means you can use up that fragrance that you were only saving for "good use ". After all why not use the good stuff if it perks you up a bit :)

My local TK Maxx was selling them for €8.99, and the RRP on is €14.99.
Bargain :) If you're a perfume-aholic like me, it's definitely worth checking out your local TK Maxx, or else you can buy online at the above site or Boots online I think also.

That's all for now, hope you're all enjoying your weekends!
C xx

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